Areas Of Your Home You Don’t Want To Touch


If you are a homeowner, you want to dive in and get your hand dirty as much as possible.  There is nothing like having a personal touch to your own home and looking at something and reminding yourself that you did that.  However, there are going to be tasks and areas that you really don’t want to address. For these, home repair services in wexford pa is going to be your go to option.  Here are some of the main ones to address.


Mold is a major issue in your home.  Mold begins to grow if we have damp or wet areas that are not cleaned up or tended to.  In general mold isn’t a huge issue, however, black mold and other forms of spores and fungi will cause people to get sick over time.  Another issue is that you want to make sure that it is addressed as quickly as possible before it eats away at your wooden structures and foundations.

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Doors and windows

When we have a new house our doors and windows are tight and secure.  Over time as the house begins to settle and we use them the doors and windows may start to show signs of unevenness or even damage.  If you have issues with the doors and windows in your home, they can lead to other major issues down the road.

Asbestos or lead paint

If you are living in an older home, you may come across asbestos in your walls and lead in your paint.  These items were used back in the day to prevent the homes from burning.  Today, we realize that these items are dangerous and need to be removed safely.  If you have these items in your home, contact someone with professional equipment to tend to them as quickly as possible.